Automobile Engineering

Department of Automobile Engineering

 LCET is the pioneer of B. Tech course in Automobile in the North India. The objective of this undergraduate programme is to prepare technically competent world class Automobile Engineers for the industry and academia.

Some of the important subjects taught during the course are Auto Chasis, Automobile Transmission, Auto Power Plant, Advanced IC Engines, Auto Electrical and Electronics, Vehicle Dynamics, Fuels & Combustion; Engine & Drive line Design, Vehicle Transport Management, and Automobile Engineering Drawing in addition to Mechanical Engineering subjects like Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics Machinery, Metallurgy & Material Science, and Thermodynamics.

The Department is equipped with Labs like:

  • Finite Element Analysis Lab
  • Mechanics Of Materials Lab
  • Internal Combustion Engine Lab
  • Automobile Transmissions Lab
  • Vehicle Body Engineering And Dynamics Lab
  • Automotive Electronics & Micro controllers Automation Lab
  • Vehicle Diagnostics & Maintenance Lab