Workshop on Python

Workshop on Python

Phyton One Day Workshop on 6th March 2019 at LCET Katani Kalan

Programming is gradually becoming an important element of our Computing and ICT
curriculum across the world and the Python programming language is an excellent introduction.

The Python programming language is commonly used
by a variety of programmers, experienced or novice.

Its easy to learn syntax and its high level programming
capabilities offer the students not only an introduction
in to coding practices in general, but to a language
commonly used throughout the industry.

Within the workshop the group will be introduced to
the Python syntax and a variety of coding techniques
will be broken down into fun activities and games.

This Python sandbox can be used by anyone to practice their Python code and see what the
output is (bearing in mind this sandbox does not provide error feedback, so keep an eye on
the syntax and any missing “:’s”). Python is free and easy to learn and the Python

interpreter can be downloaded on any
system (it reads the python programs and
carries out the coded instructions).

During the workshop, we will be building
participant’s confidence with
programming and in particular the
Python programming language and
syntax. This will be achieved through fun
activities to begin, followed by the
application of the Python programming
language through a text-based puzzle
game that each student will be designing
and implementing.

Benefits of learning Python: – Quick development. – Readability. – No need to declare variable types. – Easy to learn. – Program length tends to be shorter than other programming languages than require more lines of code for the same outcome. – Strict use of indentation, encouraging good coding practice