Er. Suruchi Gupta

Er. Suruchi Gupta is the Admission Coordinator of Ludhiana College of Engineering and technology. Her primary job duties are as under

  • Admissions of local students, advising enrolled students, and establishment of systems and processes to improve office workflow.
  • She reviews and evaluates the academic credentials of prospective students from different cities in Punjab and other states in India to determine eligibility for admission to the University.
  • She evaluates courses taken at the institutions for transfer credit by locating resources to assist in the evaluation, advises students and applicants about admission, and monitors student status.
  • She communicates regularly with officials in India regarding government scholarships and other financial aid for students.
  • She designs and assists with the development of systems and processes to improve office workflow and automate the routine administrative process, enhancing the ability of staff to accomplish the mission of the department.